Vacation ‘09

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

This past week, Kristi and I took a much-needed week of vacation. We didn’t go anywhere crazy, we stayed home Monday, and Tuesday left for Palm Springs, CA (La Quinta to be exact, but unless you’ve been there, have you really ever heard of La Quinta? I’m guessing not). So we stayed at a really nice resort, the La Quinta Resort (Which the city of La Quinta is named for). We had an amazing night, we got to chillax by the pool that afternoon, and then we shooby-doobied on down to Ruby’s where we had a good dinner.

Now, I love my wife dearly, and usually we’ve got a give and take when it comes to movies, I’ll take her to see killer awesome movies, like Star Trek, and she drags me to see total pieces of crap, I mean chick flicks, and this trip was no exception. We previously went to see Wolverine, which was pretty good (don’t email me and tell me how terrible you thought it was, you’re a nerd, and it wasn’t bad for what it was, IMAGINATION!!!!). So if you’ve kept up with my entirely scientific method of movie choices, you’ll see that it’s clearly Kristi’s turn to pick the movie. So Tuesday night, we went to see the Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I know, you’re proud of me for even admitting I saw it, but truthfully, it was, probably, one of, if not the worst movie I’ve taken my wife to. Matthew Mcconaughey was all fake tanned and gross; and here’s a shocker, the plot was insanely predictable (am I the only one that knows going in how these movies are going to end, because they all end the same). But I digress.

So Wednesday, I got up after having slept in, and we had breakfast at Panera, one of my favorite places and I noticed my leg was really itchy. I look at my leg and I had 8-9 bug bites on my left leg, 3-4 on my right, and 2 on my left arm. What the heck! I got eaten alive in my sleep at this supposed fancy pants resort. We got moved to another room, which the girl promise was much nicer, which it wasn’t. We got moved to a room with a couch instead of a chair with an ottoman (the chair was way more comfy). Wednesday night, Kristi and I had one of the most amazing meals of both of our lives. We went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and it was absolutely awesome. Truthfully, it wasn’t the most expensive meal I’ve ever paid for, but I preformed a wedding last weekend, and that helped quite a bit. Our steaks were amazing, cooked perfectly and they just about melted in your mouth.

Thursday, we took an uneventful trip to SD to go to Ikea. We bought a sweet desk that we promptly had to return because it didn’t fit in the Accord, so sad. It’s interesting, this is the first time in my lifetime that I’ve gone on vacation and been excited to return to work. I say that not because I didn’t enjoy every second I spent with Kristi, because I did, I say that because I love my job. I love that I get to serve God on a daily basis. I work with fantastic people that have a heart not just for this church, but for God’s Kingdom and we get to serve Him together! This summer is going to be amazing, but crazy, so let’s have some fun!


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