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This week is busy, to say the least. I’ve got a Network Meeting with the other Youth Pastors in town today, Christian Club @ Hemet High tomorrow, I’m going to Hope on Thursday to see my best friend from my time at Hope preach at Chapel, and Saturday’s the craziest of all: I’m performing a wedding @ 3, then speaking for my friend Josh Quale and his youth at their winter retreat Saturday night on top of all of my other responsibilities this week. I’m excited about what God is doing in our Youth @ Community, both Tuesday and Wednesday nights!

Getting ready for the wedding, I came across this video about John Wooden and his loyalty and devotion to his wife, his school, and his city. I was struck by the fact that for the last 25 years, since his wife passed away March 21, 1985, he writes her a love letter on the 21st of the each month. This meant a lot to me, as a husband, a father, a pastor, a follower of Christ. I love Kristi, my wife, and Karleigh, my daughter more than I can even express, and could never imagine living 25 years without Kristi. As I prepare for the wedding Saturday, I’m charged with communicating the commitment that these two people are making not only to each other, but the family that they’re creating that day. So hit play and let me know what you think.